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My Love of the Magic Lantern, Zoetrope Praxinoscope

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I have a passion for the magic lanterns known as zoetrope and prazinoscopes, also known as the wheel of life!
Ive even had 151,000 views on one of my Youtube videos!
Ive been selling them for years and sell them to film industry, schools, museums, royalty, collectors and people who just love unusual and quirky!
Thought it was about time i shared my love of Zoetrope Animation and Praxinoscope with you lovely people!
I ship these globally and there are a few different sizes!
20 animation strips with each one. Many people also make their own!
For those that may share my love of them or would like to purchase as a present, i do gift wrap as well! (the artsy crafty aspect of me!)
The Zoetrope was developed by a man called William Horner in Kingston just down the road from me and ive been to house.
Kingston Museum have a large collection from his designs, most of which are in storage now, but a few are still on display at the museum.
The word Zoetrope means: zoe, "life" and tropos, "turning" as a transliteration of "wheel of life".
How fabulous are they!

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